We will ensure legality and protection of your interests in various areas of activity

Legal support

Protecting your interests

Why do you need legal support?

Our lawyers will help you to avoid mistakes that lead tonegative consequences: fines, litigation or loss of business.
Decreasing of risks
Legal support helps reduce the risks of controversial situations andlitigation.
Saving time and money
Alphior lawyers will help you save time and money that you would have spent on resolving legal issues on your own.
Support options
You contact our lawyers for help in solving a specific problem. In this case, we provide one-time assistance, for example, drawing up an agreement, representing your interests in court or government agencies.

Who will benefit from this?


Personal issues

Legal support for a business is necessary toensure the legality andprotection of the companyinterests invarious areas ofitsactivity, for example,contracts, labor law, taxation, labor protection, etc.
Legal support may be needed inpersonal matters: when purchasing real estate, marriage or divorce, registration of inheritance andinmany other situations.

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