We will take upon ourselves the management of personal data of employees, the performance of administrative duties and compliance with legal regulations in the field of personnel records management. That is, the entire life cycle of an employee in an organization, starting with hiring and ending with dismissal.

Personnel administration

Saving time and resources

Why do you need HR administration outsourcing?

You can focus on our business and shift administrative responsibilities to our specialists.
Legal Compliance
We guarantee compliance with legislative standards in the field of personnel records management.
Decreasing of risks
Compliance with legislation and correct personnel management reduces the risks associated with labor disputes and court proceedings.
Professional HR Management
You can always count on the experience and professionalism of our specialists who provide HR administration.
What is included into the support?
Depending on the tasks and needs of the company, you can choose the necessary support options only, or all at once.
  • High-quality services for personnel records management (hiring, termination, vacations, business trips, sick leave, incentives, timekeeping, etc.).
  • Comprehensive support for personnel records management.
  • Storage and administration of personnel documents, as well as ensuring their confidentiality.
  • Communication with government regulatory authorities.
  • Preparation of data and submission of personnel reports.
  • Maintaining military records, reporting and interaction with local government.
  • Migration registration of foreign citizens.
  • Audit of the current state of personnel records and restoration of personnel documents.

Who will benefit from this?

Small and medium enterprises


Large companies

Companies inregulated industries

Companies that cannot afford a large HR department.
Companies subject to strict regulation andnorms use outsourcing services to ensure compliance with legislation andavoid fines.
Large corporations use outsourcing tooptimize personnel management andcomply with legislation.
New companies can start from a scratch, immediately leaving personnel management to specialists who will build the right system.

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We are certified by ISO 9001, ISO 27 001 and ISAE 3402, which confirm the high level of quality and safety of our services.